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Trekking at Pangkor

Trekking at Pangkor

There is a very interesting and challenging trekking to do across the island. Not many people do it, but trust me, if you like to experience a tropical rainforest and do not want to go too deep into the wild of Malaysia, this is a good introduction.

The 4 hour trekking leads to Bukit Pangkor and all across the island. Chances are you find wildlife like snakes, wild boar and hornbill birds.

Here is more about jungle trekking at Pangkor

Another trekking is quite interesting and leads from Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak, a guide is necesary for this trekking as the path disappears frequently.

Jungle trekking from Teluk Segadas to Pasir Bogak

The Suspension Bridge or Jambatan Gantung

Technically not a historical site but the bridge is years old and -unfortunately- in deplorable state. It’s located near Pasir Bogak a few hundred meters in the jungle. The shear coolness of the jungle is a great way to escape from the midday heat and a good moment to find some wild animal life, if you take the time.

More about the Suspension Bridge or Jambatan Gantung

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