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Bukit Komanwel

Bukit Komanwel

If New York City folks are pampered with Central Park, Klang Valley townies has Bukit Jalil Park for almost an equivalent, judging of population to size ratio, garden landscapes and facilities. Despite it doesn’t sit exactly in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, this park of 80-acre is perhaps the largest public park in the capital of Malaysia. And admission is free.

                                                                     Windmill of Netherlands
                                                                                      little China in KL

Located in a newly established neighborhoods surrounded by Sri Petaling, OUG, Alam Sutera and Kinrara, Bukit Jalil Recreational Park sits exactly opposite of the 18-hole Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Resort. Favored by the locals particularly family with children and fitness enthusiasts, this park is beautifully landscaped with lakes, arboretum, lawn, international garden, children playground, outdoor gym, reflexology path, jogging trail and bathroom facilities. Distinctive and caring, Bukit Jalil Park also dedicates a corner for disabled people or Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU). Quiet and a relaxing venue, it is hardly crowded even on weekends and public holidays.

                                                                                        mini Japan in KL

Commonwealth Hill Park

Amazingly in less than a few kilometers away, there is another green lung called Commonwealth Hill or Bukit Komanwel. Sits next to Sri Petaling LRT station, this public park is much smaller in scale comparatively. Expect slopes and staircases as one needs to hike up to reach the hill top park. Despite tiny, the challenge it gives can be pretty rewarding as sweats drip coupled with a great scenery on top of the little hill.

                                                                            Pond & Fountain

                                                                            British architecture

Development progresses, real estate booms and the green attributes in fact made the properties in Bukit Jalil stand out, turning some into the most wanted neighborhoods. If parks are your fix, it’s well worth lingering here to enjoy the various treats of nature’s best!

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