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Redang Island

Redang Island

The beautiful island of Pulau Redang lies about 45 km north-northeast of Kuala Terengganu, or 22 km off Tanjung Merang, the closest point on the mainland. The Bugis people from Celebes, Indonesia were believed to be the first settlers on the island. Many of their descendants are now working the tourist trade in Redang while others have moved to the mainland. Over the years, Redang has grown to be one of the most popular destinations for tourists and divers due its pristine nature and rich marine environment.

Highlights : 


Marine Park

Myths & Folklore

Sea Turtle Research

What To Do The island is rich in flora and fauna, perfect for eco-adventures. Even being on the island is an experience itself as you can watch the sunrise from the beach, admire the multitudes of stars on a clear, night sky, snorkel, skin-dive or scuba dive to see the marine life, charter a boat round the island or go trekking.

Then there’s the customary relaxation on the warm, sandy beaches!

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