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Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island

The name of the island comes from the Thai ‘Pang Ko’, which means Beautiful Island. The island has so much to offer than you would probably imagine.

Being an island, beautiful beaches surround Pangkor Island on all sides. The most attractive beaches here are the Nipah Beach and Coral Beach even though there are many others that will lure you with amazement as well. If you are visiting Pangkor Island, make sure that you give these beaches a priority in your travel schedule and be sure not to miss them. Pangkor Island is also a great place to go for water sporting activities and snorkeling.

Even though beaches are the major attraction of Pangkor Island, there are also many other places of interest here as well. Such include the Pangkor town, fishing villages, Batu Bersurat, tortoise hill, kali Amman temple, and tiger rock, Fu Lin Kong Temple, The Marina Island Pangkor and The Tombs.

The Pangkor Island can be accessed either by air or road. Ferry services are also available. Tourists are not allowed to drive into Pangkor Island with their cars but can use their bicycles and motorbikes for ground transportation on the Island.

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