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Renewmart – Ampang and Shah Alam

Renewmart – Ampang and Shah Alam

Renewmart, formerly Meng Fong Trading, has three outposts in Ampang Utamanear the Ampang LRT and Shah Alam. Go to the Shah Alam showroom; it’s over 60,000 sq ft crammed with quality, well-preserved junk furniture, whether antiques or mod. Everything is on the cheap, or at least fairly priced: beds, cabinets, chairs, lamps and tables, as well as art pieces, electrical equipment, and kitchenware such as cups, stained plates and the like. Highlights include a four-panel folding screen, a pair of stone lion statues and, oddly, a mannequin.

Address : Lot 3739-A
Kampung Baru Subang
Seksyen U6

Mobile : 03 7859 9522

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