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Modern Store, Brickfields

Modern Store, Brickfields

Modern Stores is the first choice for most of the Indian expatriates to buy groceries. It is located in Little India’s busy shopping lane. Most of Indian Groceries are available here. In short we can say it is Indian Grocery Shop.

Almost all the times the shop is crowded. It very congested to get into the shop and choose the items in peak days like Saturday, Sunday and evenings.

In the entrance you can get vegetables and inside groceries.Can get Indian fruits like Amla, Indian Mangoes (Seasonal), Chiku (sapota), Pomegranate (Danimma kaya) , seeta phalam are available some times. I have added photos if you don’t understand what the fruits I mentioned.

To mention about vegetables, Dondakayalu, Cluster Beans (Goru chikkullu), Pedda chikkullu, munakkayalu (drum sticks) can get in this shop which you can not get any where.

Pre-made Dosa dough, curd, Paneer also available.

Some of Indian brand items like, Boost, Maltova, Zandu balm, Vicks, Haldiram’s sweet and hot items etc are available.

Address :

68, Jalan Thamby Abdullah,
Brickfields, 50470 KL

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